At first look and listen, you may assume that Redfoo is just a big haired, hard partying, EDM-centric artist with a goofy sense of humor, but he is actually a musical superhero.

Leveraging his penchant for music production, Redfoo channeled his creative into song and dance, realizing that it was one of the most powerful platforms for self-expression. From crafting his own name to his equally colorful attire, Redfoo mastered the art of embracing individuality and now empowers his fans do the same. This authenticity of character has played a huge role in Redfoo’s rise to superstardom. Born into the legendary world of Motown music as Stefan Kendal Gordy, Redfoo’s earliest exposure to music and business was based on a collaborative family spirit, feel good dance anthems and a meticulous method to music making. A music legend in the making himself, Redfoo found his own sound and partnered with nephew Sky Blu to form the electro-pop dance duo LMFAO.

Delivering on their global mission to help «everybody just have a good time,» LMFAO released a slew of celebratory number one hits, including «Party Rock Anthem» and «Sexy & I Know It,» that catapulted them to the top of the charts and onto a worldwide tour. Those hits were celebrated with multiple Grammy nominations, MTV, NRJ & Billboard Award wins, and the opportunity to performalongside Madonna at Super Bowl XLVI. Redfoo’s vision for Party Rock went far beyond the songs, though. He imagined a 360 Party Rock world sound tracked by his anthems and brought it to life via record-breaking music videos, a ready-to-wear Party Rock fashion line, experience driven live shows, characters and costumes that promoted positivity and offered fans a way to participate.

Redfoo stayed the course with his mission after LMFAO announced a hiatus, embracing his «obligation to be consistent with [his] energy, unique personality, being out there and helping fans to do the same.» Picking up a few tricks of the trade from his time spent mastering the stock market, Redfoo’s best investment to date has been himself and those that he believes in. Clearly, his fans believe in him too. Redfoo’s infectious energy and brand have landed him roles in top feature films, global party residencies, retail fashion collaborations and guest spots on TV series, which he quickly evolved into a permanent fixture, securing a position as a judge on X-Factor Australia for two seasons. Being a mentor on the show was the ultimate platform for coaching others to identify their passion, believe in themselves and bring their dreams to life: Redfoo’s M.O.

He’s now taken that positive energy to the airwaves with his latest solo album, Party Rock Mansion, which delivers and redefines the possibilities of pop music, creating unique harmonies that will put your body to work. Consistent with his innovative, DIY spirit, Redfoo self-funded, produced, mixed and mastered the project to be released on his own Party Rock label. «I can get myself on iTunes worldwide just as easy as anybody else,» he says. «It’s so democratic and I like that. I just want to make the music, put it out, and go on tour. I want to focus on the creative side, live my life and write about that life.»

By channeling his life experience into tangible art, Redfoo’s goal is to offer super-fans their own experiences. After all, «that’s [his] job; to live life and to write about it. It’s to feel good, inspire and motivate people to get up and dance and follow their dreams» which may just lead them exactly to the Party Rock Mansion.